The Challenges and Advantages of Server-side Ad Insertion (SSAI)

SSAI Improves User Experience, Protects Revenue, and Expands Reach through an Easy and Proven Integration Path
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Published: 13 Mar 2019

It is now more important than ever for broadcasters and publishers to deliver and monetize content across every type of device since content providers need to meet the expectations of their audiences and provide a linear television (TV) experience. SSAI, also referred to as dynamic ad insertion (DAI) or ad stitching, can help content producers meet these expectations. Without SSAI, content providers have to rely on client-side ad insertion (CSAI) using logic within a player or software development kit (SDK) to call an ad server like Doubleclick, SpotX, or AppNexus, etc. SSAI eliminates that call, as a result of which ad blockers are unable to detect and block third-party domains.

      The Challenges and Advantages Offered by Server-side Ad Insertion (SSAI)


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