4K Streaming Adoption will be Stalled by Bandwidth Rather than Hardware and Devices

Costs Drive Adoption and Content Owners cannot Afford the Bandwidth Costs Currently Assosicated with 4K Streaming
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Published: 22 Mar 2019

4K and HEVC are exciting and the direction the market is headed towards, until AV1 takes their place. However, vendors, content owners and the media need to have realistic expectations of what is possible with 4K streaming and utilize accurate estimates when it comes to bitrates, costs, efficiencies, and Internet speeds. Based on the HEVC testing that had been done in the market, and the data Netflix has presented around its 4K encoding, the bitrates will not get down to 10Mbps to 12Mbps in the near future.

      4K Streaming will be Stalled by Bandwidth rather than Hardware and Devices


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