Latin America Car Parc Analysis, 2010–2025

Statistics on Cars in Operation by the Year of Manufacture
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Published: 19 Sep 2017

Latin America Car Parc Analysis 2010 - 2025 provides statistics of cars in operation by the year of manufacture for the period 2010 to 2025 for Latin American countries. These matrices for each country are developed by applying the annual average attrition rates on annual car sales. Attrition rates are derived from information on vehicle life. Each country's car parc matrix presents the following tables and chart. Car Parc by Model year (Number of cars in use by the year of manufacture) Annual Car Sales Cumulative Annual Attrition rate of Cars Model year Average Vehicle Life Chart: Annual Attrition Rate Curve Countries Covered: · Argentina · Brazil · Chile · Mexico · Peru Salient Features Car parc matrices can be modeled to derive market potential for aftermarket components. Replacement rates of various automotive components when applied on specific model or year of car help in determining the potential aftermarket for the component. Methodology Average age of passenger cars of a specific country, obtained from a published source, is used for arriving at the average service life of the car. The attrition rates are distributed across the years such that the average service life remains the same. Using these attrition rates, a matrix ‘Cumulative Annual Attrition Rate of Cars by Model year’ is formed ranging from 2010-2025. The sales figures are applied to the attrition rate matrix and the resulting output is the passenger car by model year. Limitations Authenticity of data is reliant on the source from where the data have been collected and are not verified through primary research. Average vehicle life is derived from average age of passenger cars. We assume that the attrition rate follows a normal curve. Car parc figures represented are purely based on the statistical modeling. More accurate car parc information can only be obtained from vehicles census conducted by national statistical bodies.



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