We Have Seen the Future of IT, and it is Big Data: Part 1 – Will IoT Privacy Issues Steal the Future?

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Published: 30 Jun 2017

Industries are flocking to the IoT because of the potential benefits; and falling prices on compute power, bandwidth, connectivity, and sensors are only accelerating the effect. As a result, and as this report will show, those deploying the IoT are thrusting ordinary objects that were never designed with the Internet in mind out onto the front lines of digital interaction—in other words, into the teeth of the data privacy battle—without the necessary armaments to protect themselves and society from harm. In brief, this report: 1. Analyzes ways the IoT adds a significant new threat to data privacy; and looks at consumer attitudes and preferences with regard to the technology and the threat. 2. Presents a range of specific incidents where privacy has been violated—in some cases, chillingly so—because of the IoT. 3. Offers our assessment of where data privacy stands, and where it is headed as a result of the new data and new challenges contributed by the IoT.


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