Big Data is in Big Trouble, Starting in the EU

How the EU's GDPR Threatens to Destroy Big Data Initiatives and Business Opportunities, in the EU and Elsewhere
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Published: 2 Aug 2017

The EU Parliament approved the GDPR in April 2016. To allow the region and the world to adjust to the sweeping changes it contains, the EU established a two-year acclimation period, and will begin enforcing the GDPR on 25 May 2018. This Stratecast report offers our assessment of the content and impact of the key provisions of GDPR, in the EU and around the world. Included in each assessment is our determination of whether the impact of the provision is a net positive or a net negative on the ability of organizations to leverage big data; and by implication, on economic growth, first in the EU, and then through ripple effects across the rest of the world.


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