Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Transcending Data to Achieve Intelligence Technology

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Published: 27 Nov 2017

Artificial intelligence (AI)—especially machine learning technologies as applied to advanced analytics—provides a way to transcend the limitations of human analysis, and evolve from a data-centric IT to an information-centric IT. AI provides the capabilities to deliver a true intelligence technology: one that, once trained, requires no human involvement in extracting meaning from large data sets. AI is the secret sauce for IT transformation. Yet, AI demands a very different IT architecture: one that depends, more than ever before, on solid data communications capabilities. Network operators have a new opportunity to enable AI in the enterprise by providing failsafe data communications that knit together the new IT architectures. However, this does come with some attending new responsibilities. This report provides a basic review of AI and machine learning, explores some of the current applications for such technology, and then provides guidance on areas of opportunity for network operators that wish to apply AI-enabled capabilities internally or that wish to offer AI-based services to their customers. It will be of interest to network operators and those who provide technology to them.


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