Travel and Hospitality Customer Care Market, 2016

Cultural and Business Shifts Creating Enormous Opportunities and Equally Formidable Challenges, Social Media Storms to Forefront as New Channels Seek to Improve Customer Experience
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Published: 24 Feb 2016

The world of customer care is changing faster than most companies can keep up with, and that is both a challenge and an opportunity. Customers today expect companies to know a lot about them—their preferences, needs, past behaviors, priorities, and expectations. But they also expect companies to act on that information to significantly improve the overall customer experience and to address discrete problems quickly and effectively. This paper outlines the cultural and business shift that is driving these changes in customer care, highlight specific use cases for improving the experience through social media, evaluate a number of vendors in the space, and offer best-practices recommendations for success.

      Cultural and Business Shifts in Travel & Hospitality Industries


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