Internet of Things—Creating Smart Cities and Engaged Communities Across the US Market

Delivering Efficiency, Supporting Environmental Sustainability, and Driving Citizen Engagement
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Published: 28 Feb 2018

This study analyzes the smart city market and discusses various areas of opportunity for Internet of Things (IoT) vendors. Research Scope · The study covers IoT-enabled smart city solutions that are designed to boost operational efficiency and effectiveness while also improving overall quality of life in a city. · The focus is on the US market. · The study highlights core priorities of cities and how IoT can help accomplish those objectives. · Several strategic recommendations for IoT vendors are included. Modern cities face a range of challenges that are creating significant pressures on core infrastructure, utilities, transportation systems, law enforcement, and the environment. A growing population, aging infrastructure, and rising citizen safety and security concerns are prompting cities to seek solutions that help improve living standards while also reducing waste. Moreover, continuing natural and man-made disasters are driving the need for city planners and other local government agencies to enact policies and implement programs that enable early detection of such incidents and offer timely notification to their citizens. Key Questions This Research Will Answer 1. What are the core issues faced by cities and what are the operational priorities of local governments? 2. What is the overall growth opportunity for IoT vendors? 3. Which specific areas in the smart city segment are likely to see greater adoption/implementation of IoT solutions? 4. What strategic and technical issues must be addressed when developing and marketing smart city IoT solutions? 5. What strategic alliances and partnerships are needed to succeed in the marketplace?

      Internet of Things—Creating Smart Cities and Engaged Communities


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