Electricity Industry Profiles—Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Renewable Energy Dominates the Investment Climate Across All 3 Countries – A Mix of Wind, Solar, and Hydropower
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Published: 26 Apr 2017

Germany was an early leader in renewable energy; although its pace has slowed, the country still continues to make significant investment in new wind and solar capacity. This investment must be supported by investment in new grid interconnections to ensure that the electricity generated is used and not wasted. Austria has also followed Germany's lead and is investing significant amounts in residential, commercial and industrial, and utility-scale solar PV, besides wind energy and additional hydropower capacity. Switzerland is prioritising additional hydropower investment with moderate investment in wind and solar, along with a regulatory drive to boost energy efficiency. The country is not constructing any new nuclear power plants but has rejected plans for a German-style shutdown, which will ensure its energy stability.



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