Global Commercial UAS Inspection and Monitoring Services Market

Market Poised for Immediate Growth Due to Accelerating Technological Advancements and Favorable Regulations
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Published: 22 Sep 2016

Millions of buildings, towers, bridges, and other structures around the world require periodic inspections that can be required by law, for insurance purposes, or to ensure efficient operation of equipment. In addition, thousands of miles of pipelines, power wires, and railways need to be monitored for damage or encroachment by trees and other naturally occurring phenomena. Some tasks put inspectors at risk, such as climbing hundreds of feet in the air. Monitoring miles of pipelines or railways is a dull exercise often conducted by an expensive, manned aircraft. Unmanned aerial systems (UAS), often referred to as drones, have the ability to perform many tasks that are dangerous, dull, or dirty for inspectors. In the past several years, technological advances have resulted in improved UAS control, autonomy, sensors, and computing capabilities while reducing overall system costs. This marriage of capabilities and cost efficiency has enabled these tools to be tested and integrated into existing industrial inspection programs. As the market matures, many common applications for UAS inspection and monitoring may become distinct verticals because it is likely they will need platforms, sensors, and software specifically tailored to gathering the information needed to satisfy regulatory agency requirements and/or established industry standards for safe and efficient operations. This research service provides an assessment of the market for commercial UAS inspection and monitoring services globally.



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