Global Commercial Satellite-Based Maritime Surveillance Market Assessment

Integrated Solutions Covering Multiple Datasets, Delivered on Web-based Applications will Drive Growth
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Published: 23 Nov 2016

This study analyzes the market for Web-based integrated maritime solutions and the evolution of stand-alone surveillance mechanisms into integrated formats supported by EO/SAR satellite data. The discussion includes revenue forecast, covering 2,326 customers (port operators, port authorities and ship operators), regional trends, industry participants and evolving opportunities related to integration and analytics within the maritime surveillance domain. This study will benefit those who are interested in learning about the satellite-based commercial maritime surveillance market, covering port operators, port authorities, and ship operators. Those who are looking to evolve their vessel tracking solutions into integrated surveillance using multiple satellite data segments will benefit from this analysis. Those who are interested in maritime surveillance from a civil government customer perspective might benefit from our other study titled 'Satellite-based Maritime Surveillance Market for Civil Government Customers.' Key Questions Answered • What are the key trends in the commercial maritime surveillance space? • What capabilities are industry participants looking to offer and what is the potential market size? • What makes the satellite based maritime surveillance market different and what are the success factors? • How are the current surveillance requirements evolving and how will they impact the future market from a maritime domain awareness perspective? • What are the key features of Web-based maritime surveillance solutions and what kind of opportunities will they present in future to port operators, port authorities and ship operators? The research report includes the following segments: • Product scope: Integrated satellite-based maritime surveillance through Web-based platforms • Geographic scope: Global • End-user scope: Ship operators, port operators and port authorities What makes our reports unique? We provide one of the longest market segmentation chains in this industry. We conduct detailed market positioning, product positioning, and competitive positioning. Entry strategies, gaps, and opportunities are identified for all the stakeholders. Comprehensive market analysis for the following sectors: Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, semiconductor and electronics, aerospace & defense, energy and power supplies, food and beverages, chemicals, advanced materials, industrial automation, and telecom, and IT. We also analyze retailers and super-retailers, technology partners, and research and development (R&D) companies.



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