Global Commercial Mapping and Surveying Unmanned Aerial Systems Services Market, 2016

Mining and Construction Industries will Drive Steady Growth
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Published: 30 Nov 2016

For hundreds of years, surveyors and cartographers have used various engineering equipment to conduct surveys and construct maps. In addition, they incorporated trigonometry, algebra, field data acquisition, graphical communication, and boundary law into their professions to ensure precise products. Unmanned aerial systems (UAS), often referred to as drones, represent the latest technology to assist mappers and surveyors. Because a UAS is closer to the ground, it can take more precise measurements and images than manned aircraft or satellites. The global commercial unmanned aerial system (UAS) services market that includes aerial mapping and surveying should experience significant growth over the next decade. Potential growth will be limited more by regulations and the inability to convey and/or demonstrate the benefits of drone use than by the technological capabilities of enterprise drones.



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