Global Defense Counter-UAS Technologies Market, Forecast to 2022

Rising Threat of Small Drone Use for Surveillance and in Executing Terrorist Attacks will Fuel Significant Market Growth
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Published: 26 Oct 2017

Governments around the world have acknowledged that the threat of potentially harmful drones flying over sensitive facilities is increasing. In the United States, leaders of the military and government agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), discuss the rising concern about adversaries using small drones to conduct terrorist attacks. In Middle Eastern war zones, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) fighters have been weaponizing small, cheap consumer drones to conduct surveillance as well as small-scale airborne grenade strikes. In response to the increasing threats, dozens of defense companies have adapted existing technologies, or developed new technologies, to detect small, low-flying drones then alert operators to their presence. These counter unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS) also often incorporate mitigation techniques that can include jamming drone control frequencies, taking control of the drone, capturing the drone, or destroying the target. Over 50 global defense companies now offer some sort of C-UAS. This research service lists defense-focused C-UAS firms and their products which will be competing for a portion of a market that has quickly transitioned from a nascent market to a growth market. Research Scope: This research service includes information about C-UAS original equipment manufacturers, their product or products, as well as product capabilities. Product information is presented in tables as well as text. Competitive Information Includes: • A short description of the C-UAS product • Capabilities of C-UAS with regard to detection methods as well as mitigation techniques and capabilities • Existing company partnerships • Known sales and/or government contracts won • Future product announcements and/or pending upgrades to current platforms • Links to corporate websites and news items of note • Links to C-UAS product pages, where applicable Questions This Study Will Answer: • Which companies are manufacturing defense C-UAS? • Which companies are using existing technologies and which are developing new capabilities? • Which products are being marketed and which are in the development and/or test phase? • Which products have sales and government contracts? • How fast is the market for defense C-UAS growing? • What are some of the most significant trends occurring in the defense C-UAS market? • What are the challenges facing the defense C-UAS market? This research service also contains a description of detection methods along with an evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of using each type of detection sensor. In addition, an estimate of the defense C-UAS market size through 2022 is offered based on historical sales data and numerous interviews with industry insiders.



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