Understanding the NERC-CIP Regulations for Critical Infrastructure Organizations, 2018

With Stricter Enforcement Protocols Set to go into Effect by 2019, Critical National Infrastructure Organizations are Rapidly Implementing Specific Security Measures to Achieve Full Compliance
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Published: 3 Oct 2018

The most significant threat is no longer threats to human lives or property from physical attacks—rather the threat lies in more covert warfare tactics, including cyber-attacks and attacks that can cripple, obstruct, or destroy operations within critical infrastructure facilities, such as utility companies, communications towers, ports, manufacturing facilities, or other critical services. In order to protect critical national infrastructure (CNI) entities from these more sophisticated attacks and ensure proper security postures, the North America Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) has updated its Critical Infrastructure Protections (CIP) regulations to encourage CNI organizations to improve their security posture; protect their information and operational technology systems, networks, and physical assets; and plan for how to keep their networks and assets secure through a continually advancing technological environment. The NERC-CIP regulations provide specific guidance, requirements, and measures for CNI organizations to follow to protect their current assets, enforce proper security protocols and standards, plan for and respond to any security incidents accordingly, and ensure their assets remain protected from malicious actors.



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