Strategic Analysis of Automated Car Market in Japan, 2016

AD-level 2 to Grow Up to 540,000 in Unit Shipment at CAGR 51.6% During the Next Decade
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Published: 11 Oct 2017

The autonomous driving (AD) market in Japan experienced strong growth in 2016 with the first AD-Level 2 commercialized in passenger car market. The Japanese automotive market is now declining in terms of new vehicle sales due to depopulation, demotorization, and an aging society, especially in urban areas. As countermeasures against these this decline, many Japanese OEMs are trying to find new revenue streamlines by disruptive technologies and connected services, and AD is one of the high potential technologies that can bring evolution in many industries. However, there are a lot of challenges in future such as lack of infrastructure for supporting AD, regulations for high AD-level car, and standardization for AD capability and HMI systems. Research Scope The aim of this study is to research, analyze, forecast the trends, and provide an overview of the development of automated cars and its impact on the whole automotive value chain. The study provides a global overview and analyzes the Japanese automated car market in particular. Research Objectives • To provide a strategic perspective of the development of automated cars, which includes the current situation, development challenges, and a future outlook • To highlight key external opportunities and challenges that might impact the implementation of automated cars in Japan • To analyze the key technologies and R&D activities of automated car development in Japan • To provide strategic information towards automated car development and collaboration among stakeholders in Japan • To identify the growth opportunities in the Japanese automated cars market in the short-to-long term Key Questions this Study will Answer • What is the strategic overview of the development of automated cars in Japan? • What are the key technology trends of automated car development in Japan? • How can stakeholders in the automated car market overcome market restraints despite challenges? • Who are the key participants in the automated cars market in Japan? • What are the potential growth opportunities that can be captured by market participants in Japan? This research service provides conclusions and a future outlook about the development of the Japanese automated cars market. Automated car sales at AD-Level 2 in Japan is expected to achieve 540,000 in unit shipment by 2025. The base year is 2016 and forecast period is 2017 to 2025.



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