2015 Global Survey on Liquid Biopsy Adoption Trends

Learn the Promising Technologies and Bottlenecks for CTCs and ctDNA—A Voice of Customer Study
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Published: 4 Nov 2015

The primary goal of this research is to analyze the current and future adoption patterns on the usage of liquid biopsy. Key information the survey seeks to collect include the following: • Current and future use of liquid biopsy by organization type • Timeframe of liquid biopsy adoption amidst future users • Predominantly used cell types—CTCs, ctDNA, cfDNA and Evs—by organization type • Sample inflow to conduct liquid biopsy tests • Preference for sample types: blood, saliva, stool, serum, and so on. • Correlation analysis of sample type and biomarker type • Promising applications for liquid biopsy—current and future • Predominant approaches to liquid biopsy: hotspot panels, single marker tests, and so on • Technologies used to detect CtDNA—current vs. future users • Technologies used to detect CTCs • Vendor popularity for specific biomarkers and reimbursement scenario • Bottlenecks to mainstream implementation of liquid biopsy



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