Global Laboratory Products Purchasing Trends, 2016

Shifting Demands from Key End-user Segments Unlocks New Growth Opportunities
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Published: 21 Apr 2016

Readers of the Lab Manager Magazine were invited to participate in an online survey in August 2015. To qualify, readers were required to play a role in their lab’s purchasing process, be familiar with their labs’ product budgets, and represent a lab that either uses or plans to use products in one or more of the 7 specified categories (instruments, equipment, chemicals, reagents and kits, general lab supplies, plasticware, and glassware). A total of 381 decision makers qualified for and completed the survey, answering questions on purchases, budgets, industry drivers and restraints, preferred suppliers, and purchasing preferences. Respondents were segmented by academic, biopharmaceutical, government, industrial, and clinical organizations.



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