Cyber Security Threats and Medical Device Connectivity

Understanding Key Vulnerabilities and Strategic Considerations
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Published: 8 Jun 2016

This research takes into account changing dynamics in the hospital environment, particular to the rise of the Internet of Medical Things and connected medical devices. Cyberattacks related to criminal fraud and abuse as well as data breaches have increased significantly within the healthcare industry from the past few years, and portend specific risks for hospital based medical technologies that increasingly are required to support connected functionalities. Healthcare organizations are now implementing security services aimed at finding the right balance between controlling security costs, deterring attacks, and promoting a productive work environment. Newer cybersecurity solutions from innovative participants ranging from IT governance and risk compliance to threat detection and healthcare fraud and identity protection are augmenting security in the healthcare industry. As the industry moves forward, there are specific precautions and strategies that developers must consider as they deploy their interoperable medical systems.



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