US Patient Engagement Solutions Market, Landscape Assessment, 2016

Digitization, Value-based Care, Population Health Management, and the Move to V2.0.
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Published: 3 Jan 2017

Patient engagement is a digitally supported (tool, application, or portal) procedure that primarily serves to allow patients to communicate with their healthcare providers around various financial, administrative, and clinical issues for the accomplishment of informed and competent healthcare decisions. Examples of IT used for patient engagement include patient portals, mobile health applications, wearable devices, EHR integrated tools, remote monitoring devices, online content specific to wellness, adherence & preventive support, and technologies that enable e-visits. The primary objective of this research service is to present a comprehensive analysis of the US patient engagement management market with respect to the vendor landscape and key market dynamics at play over the next 5 years. Frost & Sullivan assesses the regulatory landscape; investigates market drivers generating growth opportunities around patient engagement, identifies provider strategies for effective patient and member engagement, and highlights the importance of self-care enablement through medical device integration. Technology advancements erode barriers to entry and pave the way for disruptive vendors to embrace next-generation patient engagement programs. Key Questions This Study Will Answer - What are patient engagement services and how are these solutions being deployed by payers and providers? - How is the patient engagement vendor market aligned with the evolving preferences of key market participants—the government, consumers, patients, healthcare enterprises, and employers? - What are the specific drivers and restraints impacting the patient engagement market in the United States over the next 5 years? - How are the leading vendors enabling progressive providers to curb re-admissions and lower costs through comprehensive patient engagement technology and service solutions? - What specific roles are IT vendors and medical device companies playing as part of the patient engagement market in the United States?



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