New Paradigms Driving Digital Health Deals and Partnerships

Healthcare Transformation and Industry Convergence
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Published: 9 Nov 2016

Digital technologies are critical enablers of healthcare transformation but organizations vary greatly in their capabilities to deliver new solutions needed to capture growing market opportunities. The imperative to rapidly bring on new IT capabilities as well as to continually adapt and innovate in a highly dynamic environment is driving a wide array of stakeholders to converge and collaborate, creating an increasingly heated healthcare deal landscape for traditional M&A, joint ventures, and new types of less formal partnerships. This market insight provides a review of recent key notable joint ventures and partnerships across five key healthcare industry segments - Payers, Providers, Pharma/Life Sciences, Medical Devices, and ICT Vendors – and includes a high-level overview of the state of healthcare industry transformation, key business and IT challenges facing stakeholders, digital health priorities, and the importance of convergence in driving digital health markets; a discussion of specific macro trends driving each market segment's business challenges and digital health priorities; and a review of key points outlining winning partnership strategies and best practices to ensure success.



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