Disruptive Technologies and Game-changing Companies in the Global Pharmaceutical Cell Banking Market

Proprietary CMO Cell Culture Technology Platforms are Disrupting the In-house-outsourced Balance of Cell Banking Services
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Published: 18 Jan 2017

This market insight on the global cell banking market analyses disruptive technologies and provides details on game-changing companies. Biopharmaceutical companies are increasingly partnering with CMOs and CROs to store their proprietary cell lines and develop new ones. With increased collaborations, CMOs are coming up with niche and specific services for cell line development and cell banking. They are focusing on providing gene to GMP services, thereby expanding their service portfolios. Mammalian cell culture technology is the highest-growing system across all other cell systems. With the increase in infectious diseases, the development of novel mammalian cell culture systems is expected to evolve. With the growing need for the proper storage of cultured cell banks, CMOs are developing long-term preservation techniques through continuous temperature monitoring. With the emergence of single-use technologies and new developments in cryopreservation technologies and upstream/downstream processes, the cell banking market is expected to experience robust growth, with the major share being captured by contractors as they specialise in new technologies. CMOs are turning towards emerging markets such as Asia-Pacific. However, issues with delivery, service, IP protection, and regulatory and product quality are curbing growth. The key companies covered in the study include SGS Life Sciences, Charles River Laboratories, Wuxi AppTech, BioReliance Corporation, Eurofins, and Lonza.



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