Broadband Access in Global High-speed Rails

Spiralling Consumer and Business Connectivity Demands Galvanize Growth, ThalysNet in France and Tokaido Shinkansen in Japan Among World's Top High-speed Rail Networks Offering Internet Connectivity
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Published: 17 May 2016

Globally, trains are one of the most popular modes of transport and users of high-speed rails demand reliable and secure broadband Internet access. Two of the world's top high-speed rail networks, one in Europe and one in Japan, now offer Internet access, and a case study of each is provided in this study. Trains require a combination of technologies for reliable and consistent access. Among the wireless technologies deployed by various train operators, satellite and LTE are the two most popular for broadband Internet access in high-speed rails. Emerging markets, proliferation of local content, and applications will contribute significantly to the demand for Internet connectivity.


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