North American Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Markets, 2018

Securing Today’s Enterprise Endpoints, Apps and Content
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Published: 5 Jun 2018

This study examines the North American Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) market. Key industry participants are profiled. Trends and issues, drivers and challenges, the competitive landscape, and potential growth opportunities are defined and discussed. Relevant results from the 2018 Frost & Sullivan Mobile Enterprise Apps Survey of U.S. and Canadian businesses are also included. The North American EMM/UEM (Enterprise Mobility Management / Unified Endpoint Management) market continues to steadily expand as vendors endeavor to provide high-quality management and security platforms for not only mobile devices, apps, and content but also for desktop computers, select wearables and enterprise IoT (Internet of Things) endpoints. The focus for now remains on mobile, with customers understanding that their mobile smartphones, tablets, and apps need to be professionally monitored to avoid business disruptions, non-compliance penalties, data theft, etc. However, this category is in flux, and the broader "Unified Endpoint Management" nomenclature is being increasingly used to signify the addition of desktop computers, smart glasses, smart watches, and select IoT endpoints as equally critical devices that need to be managed and secured in an integrated way. As EMM/UEM evolves, providers are leveraging new partnerships and technologies to differentiate their offerings in the marketplace. Major challenges for EMM/UEM vendors include 1. A perceived lack of affordability 2. Lack of internal expertise on the part of prospective customers 3. Anticipated resistance by employees 4. Lack of a user-friendly design, and 5. The potential for increased tensions between mobile and PC organizations within the customer's IT department when an integrated UEM platform is introduced. The North American EMM/UEM market is far from static. For industry leaders, the transformation from EMM to UEM has taken place--and now the fine-tuning begins. Data security will never go away as a key enterprise concern. As a result, providers must embrace security as an ongoing priority, and customers must continue to demand excellence in this area.



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