Mega Trends in the European Software Industry, 2016

Savvy Consumers Motivate Development of New Technologies, Augmented eLearning, Blockchain and Consumer Micro-income Streams on Fast Track
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Published: 12 May 2016

Frost & Sullivan has identified key trends for the European software industry based on its recent study “The Top 16 Predictions for 2016.” The dramatic shifts highlighted throughout the prediction categories all involve a key theme—change driven by Mega Trends. The study provides a trend analysis on each prediction in the market that is expected to drive innovation and investment in 2016. The eclectic mix of topics covered ranges from cognitive technologies such as augmented eLearning to the rise of a B2B sharing economy and the Blockchain. The remaining trends cover the financial technology revolution (fintech), data policies, smartphone revolution, consumer micro-income streams, job polarisation, and marketplaces.


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