Digital Transformation of the Future of Work, 2019

The Convergence of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will Transform the Future of Work
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Published: 11 Feb 2019

The convergence of technologies is reshaping the future of the workplace, workforce and work processes. Today, technologies with different applications and advantages are integrating with one another to maximize the benefits provided to users. Adoption of such technologies is therefore changing human behaviours in both the physical and virtual spaces. Furthermore, as a result of the vast amount of time and effort, which humans put into their workplace, enterprises will increasingly experience a digital transformation in their working environment. The digital transformation of the future of work will further enhance the competitive advantage of companies, which are capable of keeping abreast with digital transformations. This report identifies the drivers, technology trends and advanced technologies—such as IoT, AI, robotics, augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR)—that arereshaping the future of work. With sensors and artificial intelligence, the future of work embraces a more human and machine interface, in terms of coordination and integration. Additionally, geographic distance and the need for a physical workspace will not constrain communication and discussions, due to the availability of stable connectivity and VR/AR technologies. However, every journey of digital transformation requires a significant effort. The study identifies the potential hurdles. How companies perceive potential changes, design the workplace, define workforce tasks and arrange the workflow are critical factors that will help them retain a competitive advantage. Enterprises have to be aware of potential challenges to avoid these obstacles and gain support internally and externally to have a smooth and efficient transformation. On the other hand, from a technology solution provider’s point of view, service providers can expect to have strong cooperation-based relationships with enterprises and organizations to help their users to initiate and conduct such a digital transition. There are different phases and transformations in the market as well as partnership mechanisms to form long-term relationship with users. This study suggests 4 growth opportunities to move forward. This 4-stage process requires technology solution providers to function as an advisory, as a service provider, as a solution while forming a long-tern relationship as a partner. This research service covers the outlook of the future of work; this deliverable also includes an analysis of the 5 key challenges that companies might face on this journey of digital transformation. The research service also highlights strategic imperatives for growth opportunities.


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