Over-the-top (OTT) Video Executive Brief, India, 2017

Proliferation of Connectivity and Creative Bundling has Brought OTT Services to the Forefront of Entertainment Activities
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Published: 20 Mar 2017

The executive brief gives an overview of the latest developments and announcements in the OTT video market in India in the last one year. It recounts interesting trends and market behaviour of all the OTT platforms in the country, including strategic alliances, collaborations and partnerships which have shaped the industry. It gives an outlook of the investments and funding being pumped into various platforms and the impact of such developments. Scope of the Study This executive brief includes the following segments. Scope: key OTT platforms, new market entrants, global participants, value-added features, services expansion, partnerships and strategic alliances between ecosystem stakeholders, funding and investments. Geographic scope: India Key Questions Answered Who are the key OTT companies and latest entrants in India? What are the growth opportunities and new services expected ? What are the key trends to watch out for this year (2017)? What is the level of investment that is being pumped into this market?


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