Global Tablet Devices Market, Forecast to 2024

Tablets for Enterprise Use Cases and OTT Device Utilization Will Spark a Market Turnaround
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Published: 9 Feb 2018

Tablets are a category of mobile devices that provide advanced capabilities on a larger (6"+) screen, but do not have traditional integrated phone functionality. Tablets run complete operating system software that provide a standardized interface and platform for application developers. Global tablet device unit shipments reached 172 million, a slight decline in the market of 0.2% since 2016. The global tablet device market is predicted to decline a bit more until 2019, when a combination of trends and opportunities will cause a unit shipment turnaround from 2019 to 2023. Tablet devices are expected to cannibalize laptop-/ultrabooks with more advanced capabilities, form factors, and a variety of price points. Globally, more tablet devices are being used in enterprise segment use cases, such as education, healthcare, and retail as bigger form factors than smartphones, but more compact than laptops. New designs, better graphics, useful accessories, and larger displays will help this market break through its historic rut. Frost & Sullivan forecasts the market to reach 187 million units shipped globally with a positive CAGR from 2017 to 2024 of 1.6%. Approximately 61% of the market share in terms of units shipped is made up by Apple, Samsung, and Amazon. Other rising vendors such as Lenovo, Hauwei and Microsoft are making significant impacts in the market. Currently and throughout the forecast period, APAC will be the top most region in terms of shipments and manufacturing bases as NALA and EMEA remain relatively flat with slight increases later in the forecast. India and China will be the biggest benefactors in the tablet shipment growth. Among the global markets, India and Vietnam remain of high interest to tablet manufacturers. Tablet manufacturing is shifting to emerging markets where government incentives, low cost of manufacturing, and local demand offer a respite from mature tablet markets. This helps companies compete on price, which is critical considering the pressure on margins. To combat the market slowdown, Frost & Sullivan recommends vendors to innovate and invest in growth opportunities such as tablet devices for accessibility, continuing and/or furthering education in prison rehabilitation initiatives, and expanding tablets as replacements for traditional and outdated POS and kiosk systems around the world. This study examines the evolving global tablet market with unit shipment forecasts from 2017 to 2023. The report also reveals the top vendors within the market with further discussion about the market space. Furthermore, it assesses the drivers, restraints, and growth opportunities in the tablet market, along with key growth opportunities within the market, and three predictions as to the future of the global tablet devices market.



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