Data Center Standards

Best Practices in Defining Government Data Center Standards
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Published: 12 Dec 2017

Data Centers industry is more than 20 years old and over the years data center has become complex to operate. It has become quite challenging for data center operators to run their data center efficiently. The whole Asia Pacific is getting on the bandwagon of getting digitized and local governments have introduced many initiatives that would accelerate the digitization in their own country. The numbers of the smartphone are increasing exponentially in the region and increasing numbers of people have accessed social media through different channels. The amount of data that is being produced and the amount that will get produced would be massive. The expectations of the citizens towards government related agencies are increasing and public sector agencies need to launch more e governance initiatives to keep their citizens happy. All these trends would put a lot of pressure on data centers, be it corporate data centers or public sector related data centers. The pressure on the public sector is more as the IT infrastructure they have right now is outdated as compared to the corporate side. To keep up with the pace, most of the government in the Asia Pacific are in a race to modernize their IT infrastructure and also improve their efficiency. To achieve better efficiency most of the data centers around globe adopts some kind of standards to achieve better efficiency. Standards are basically set of guidelines that would help in running a product or service efficiently. There are many standards available in the markets that have been developed by the different international bodies. Expensive to adopt, long list of data center standards to choose from, lack of people with standards knowledge and lack of budget are some of the challenges associated with international standards. Lack of funds is the biggest challenge associated with government agencies when they are trying to adopt international standards.



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