Market Outlook for Next-generation Firewall and Unified Threat Management in India, 2017

Demand for Products Seen Across Tier II and Tier III Cities and a Wide Channel Reach Program would Help Vendors Meet the Need
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Published: 1 Mar 2019

Enterprises are talking about creating a connected world. Innumerable devices are being connected over the Internet, and volumes of data transfer happen within seconds. While network arms us with remaining connected 24x7 from anywhere in the world, it equally opens opportunities for cyber criminals to percolate through the network and steal confidential data. Hence, guarding the network becomes very important to safeguard from any financial or reputational loss. Network firewall forms the core of the overall network security. Earlier a cyberthreat was only about signature detection, packet filtering and stateful inspection; however, now the need has come for context inspection, application awareness, and improved visibility. Traditional firewalls fail to stop modern-day threats and thus open opportunities for leading security vendors to develop products that leverage advanced technologies built on the concept of integrated security appliance. Next-generation Firewall (NGFW) and Unified Threat Management (UTM) are firewall products built for today’s enterprise needs that provide stateful inspection, in-depth application visibility and control, lower CAPEX, in-built IPS, reputation and identity services, and better overall performance. NGFW has seen impressive success among large enterprises, and UTM for small and medium businesses. Customer awareness has improved, with cyberattacks making headlines across newspapers. Enterprises realize the need to invest in the right security products and solutions and not just “try the luck” before a breach happens. The study analyzes the state of the market in 2017. With an aim to provide the readers a comprehensive understanding of the market (current and future), a well-tested step-by-step research methodology has been followed, which is an ideal mix of primary and secondary research. The report starts with defining the NGFW and UTM market, the research objective, and key assumptions for the research. The report takes a look into the evolution of NGFW and UTM, Mega Trends affecting growth, and the market drivers and restraints. Market sizing and forecast for the overall market is being provided along with the vertical and horizontal splits. The report also deep dives into a competition to evaluate market share for participants. Finally, the growth opportunities are being discussed along with recommendations for vendors.



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