The Elastic Telco: How a Smart Catalog Drives a Smart Business

Multi-user Independence Sparks Innovation and Collaboration
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Published: 23 Jun 2017

The best catalog-based solutions for CSPs will be those that perform incredibly complex acrobatics on the inside; yet, take usability to a new level of simplicity on the outside; and extend that usability to a broad set of traditional and non-traditional stakeholders. Leveraging analytics will be a big change to building and operating catalogs; but it will also drive big change for the CSP business. This report will examine these challenges and the options for addressing them. This report will also evaluate the market’s latest approach to catalog-based lifecycle management: Amdocs’ Intelligent Catalog. The Intelligent Catalog focuses on something called business elasticity, which allows many groups to work within the catalog environment, independently and in parallel, or to collaborate. This includes a broader set of business users within the CSP, as well as their ecosystem partners. The catalog continues to be an underestimated, yet essential, component of the new communications marketplace.


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