Closing the Effectiveness Gap in Data Protection: Promising Solutions from IBM, Micro Focus, and GhangorCloud

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Published: 25 Aug 2017

Not only is data protection a challenge; the level of concern in protecting data, and protecting the privacy of data subjects, impacts enterprise decisions on the adoption and use of big data and analytics (BDA) and cloud services. Ironically, a primary objective of BDA and cloud services is to assist enterprises in extracting greater value from data. It is ironic that numerous approaches to data protection for BDA and cloud environments have existed for decades--nearly as long as these environments have existed. This stubbornly high level of concern, when solutions are available, leads to a conclusion that the state of the art in data protection has fallen short in meeting the challenges enterprises face in protecting data. We believe this gap can be closed. In this SPIE we describe three promising data protection solutions from IBM, Micro Focus, and GhangorCloud. Each is unique in the data protection challenges it addresses.


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