Getting Customers to Answer: Using Caller Identity to Thwart the Avalanching Robocall Scourge

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Published: 25 May 2018

The automated, programmatic generation of telephone calls, “robocalls,” is an increasing threat that targets both fixed-line and mobile network customers. Robocall misuse is escalating despite control measures enacted by regulatory edicts, apps for mobile devices designed to filter such calls, and consumer complaints. In 2017, robocall complaints to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reached an all-time high. This report notes just how pervasive the criminal exploitation of robocalling has become, and how customers (businesses and consumers) are growing to hate their fixed-line and mobile phones because of it. The report looks at how Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandated robocall control and elimination measures are progressing. It also shows how new solutions from Neustar are working with both standards organizations and several network operators to deliver robocall identification and enhanced Caller ID functionality. The solutions are designed to help customers recognize legitimate calls that need to be answered versus the nuisance calls from scammers and thieves.


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