Stratecast Predictions 2017: The Year Ahead

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Published: 14 Dec 2016

In this report, Stratecast provides several views voiced by our analyst teams into the multiple dimensions of the communications marketplace, including those tied to: big data, business services, cloud, the connected home, consumer services, the operations & monetization functions, and secure networking. These prognostications are what form this, our 2017 Predictions report. As Stratecast has stated in the past, the complex interactions between what customers want, what technology can provide, what business is willing to deliver, and what regulation will allow, combine to make the prediction process more of an art than a science. Yet, there are upcoming technology-based discoveries that will not disappoint even the skeptics. 2017 promises to be a pivotal year for both technology companies and network operators, as virtualized network functions and cloud services anchor into the business strategies of all.



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