Microservices: The Communication Industry’s Next Little Big Thing

Why it is More Important to do Microservices Right than Fast
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Published: 18 Jul 2017

The ODAM sector is now forced to respond to a virtualization transformation idea—it can hardly be called a plan—that was basically sprung on them with no clear direction for simultaneously supporting the physical and virtual components of a hybrid network. The idea of winging it for operations and monetization support leads to drama. The pressure to find solutions, and to support CSPs in their essential transformation, leads to more than drama; it leads, as competitive pressure often does, to innovation. Applying microservices architecture to the challenge of making traditionally monolithic OSS and BSS functions more accessible, agile, programmable and responsive is one example. However, CSPs cannot “wing it” on microservices. They must get it right. This report looks at the benefits and challenges of incorporating microservice architecture with existing systems and processes. The report also gauges how microservices help the sense of urgency with which the industry must address transition.


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