Trends in Nanomedicine (TechVision)

Nano-based science paving the precision medicine era
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Published: 30 Dec 2015

The continued development of new treatments associated with the demographic trends and public health considerations is remarkable. Nanotechnology has been identified as one most relevant key enabling technologies of the last ten years, significantly impacting on many different biomedical developments in a broad spectrum of applications therapeutics, diagnostics, theranostics, medical imaging, regenerative medicine, life sciences research and biosciences, among many others. In fact, nanomedicine is present in all therapeutic areas, exhibiting a perceptible and extensive impact in the treatment and diagnosis of some most concerned diseases. Innovation in nanomedicine fields has played a major role in the improvement of both length and quality of life during the present decade, appreciably advocated to reduce the disease burden for individuals and the society through completely new or improved diagnostic and therapeutic methods. Groundbreaking advances in the scientific understanding of the underlying mechanisms of disease are paving the way for nanomedicine on precision medicine topics. Frost & Sullivan ( identified an unprecedented behavior in terms of innovation in nanomedicine fields, with notable acceptance in diagnostics, therapeutics, companion diagnostics, regenerative medicine, and many other applications that are undoubtedly linked to the concept of precision medicine. Nanomedicine enables personalized medicine approaches in many ways. As an instance, nano-based diagnostic tests or nano-imaging diagnosis may help to the stratification of patients and thereby to guarantee a most personalized, patient-centered therapy. In addition, clinical protocols become simpler, more efficient and less costly.



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