Nanocrystalline Materials for Satisfying High Performance Requirements

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Published: 3 Mar 2017

A nanocrystal is a material particle having at least one dimension smaller than 100 nanometres (a nanoparticle) and composed of atoms in either a single- or poly-crystalline arrangement. Several kinds of nanocrystals such as quantum dots, nanocellulose are being widely researched across the globe. Key developmental efforts are targeted toward fine-tuning various nanocrystals across applications, prominent being medical and automotive. The Nanotech TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) provides intelligence on technologies, products, processes, applications, and strategic insights on nanotechnology-related innovations and their impact across various industries. Technology focus areas include nanomaterials, nanocoatings, nanohealthcare, nanomedicine, and nanomanufacturing. The Chemicals and Advanced Materials cluster tracks research & innovation trends and developments across specialty chemicals, plastics, polymers, chemicals, bio-chemicals, metals, coatings, thin films, surface treatments, composites, alloys, oil and gas, fuel additives, fibers and several other related technologies and its impact and application across industries. Keywords: Quantum dots, nanocellulose, zirconia nanocrystals, nanocomposites


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