Advances in Nanotechnology for Coatings, Additives, Healthcare, and Materials

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Published: 18 Aug 2017

This issue of Nanotech TOE profiles recent advances in construction, food, and healthcare industries. Nanotechnology has found extensive applications in the construction, food, and healthcare industries. It has been applied for the most complex cases in cancer treatment and detection. For instance, an innovation of using nanocolloids to detect metastases at an early stage of cervical cancer is profiled in this TOE. Another innovation is about the applications of nanoadditives in the food packaging industry. The key focus of such innovations is to enhance the shelf life of agricultural produce and maintain durability. In the construction as well as industrial segments, nanomaterials have been formulated into additives and composites and used to prevent corrosion and produce flexible lightweight panels. The Nanotech TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) provides intelligence on technologies, products, processes, applications, and strategic insights on nanotechnology-related innovations and their impact across various industries. Technology focus areas include nanomaterials, nanocoatings, nanohealthcare, nanomedicine, and nanomanufacturing. The Chemicals and Advanced Materials cluster tracks research and innovation trends and developments across specialty chemicals, plastics, polymers, chemicals, bio-chemicals, metals, coatings, thinfilms, surface treatments, composites, alloys, oil and gas, fuel additives, fibers, and several other related technologies and its impact and application across industries. Keywords: Self-extinguishing nanopolymer, nanoceramic coatings, silver nanoadditives, antimicrobial surfaces


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