Emerging Opportunities for Self-Healing Materials

Next-Generation Materials to Enhance Life Span of Products and Reduce Replacement and Maintenance Costs
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Published: 28 Sep 2017

Materials that have the ability to intrinsically heal or repair itself on damage are known as self-healing materials. the damage can be due to mechanical stress, external triggers, and many more. These widely researched class of materials have a wide potential in various industries including infrastructure, healthcare, consumer electronics, and transportation to name a few. These materials differ from their conventional counterparts by their ability to initiate healing mechanism at the right time to repair and prevent further damage to existing structures, thereby, reducing the need for frequent monitoring and external intervention for damage control. This also prolongs the need for constant replacement of structures, thereby, saving time and cost. While self-healing materials have gained the interest of technology developers and end –users alike, the technology is still at a nascent stage as the focus is on developing effective materials which can satisfy the critical needs of targeted applications. It is also noticed that researchers are focusing on getting the material design perfected by incorporating accurate prediction of volume of damage at various damage modes to ensure effective high-performance materials. This research service titled, “Emerging Opportunities for Self-healing Materials” captures various self-healing with emphasis on the emerging technology trends and developments. the research service also highlights the key application markets for these materials and also explains how the technology is likely to evolve in the future and identifies key opportunities for the technology. Essentially, this research service provides: A) A brief snapshot of various self-healing materials and their technology capability B) An overview of key drivers and challenges that impact commercial adoption of self-healing materials for various application segments across industries C) A review of recent innovations and their potential applications D) A roadmap indicating timelines and assessing opportunities for the development of self-healing materials



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