Advances in Anti Fouling Coatings

Integrated Innovation Ecosystem Drives Opportunities for Development of Antifouling Coatings
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Published: 25 Sep 2017

Antifouling coatings are specialized coatings applied on surfaces to protect them from the adherence and accumulation of biological, organic, and inorganic materials. The use of these coatings helps prevent the onset of damage by corrosion, improves the dynamic performance of structures, and reduces the need for constant maintenance and replacement. New ship building activities, deployment of new infrastructure development projects, and rising demand for environmentally-friendly coatings are expected to fuel advancements in the antifouling coatings industry. While government funded research efforts and growing awareness on the benefits of antifouling coatings propel market opportunities, restrictions on the use of biocides in coatings and un-met end-user requirements for flexible coating systems that can be applied on multiple surfaces hinder widespread adoption. Development of natural product antifoulants (NPAs) and biomimetic coatings are expected to be key future developments that help overcome challenges faced by the technology. This research service focuses on the technology capability of various antifouling coating materials, assesses the global innovation ecosystem for coating development, and captures the major development trends expected in future. Key questions answered in this research study include: • What are the currently available and emerging antifouling coating materials? • What are the end-use requirements for antifouling coatings? • What are the different entities involved in the technology value chain for coatings development? • What are the different applications across which different antifouling coatings can be used? • What are some of the key developments? • What are the hotspot regions for technology development and adoption? • What are the future growth opportunities? • What strategies should companies focus on to serve as technology leaders?



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