Future of Asset Tracking in Manufacturing

Smart Factories and Need for Improved Logistics Management Create Opportunities for Innovative Asset Tracking Technologies
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Published: 21 Feb 2017

With the advent of Industry 4.0 and smart factories, it has become a necessity for industries to adopt advanced technologies to improve their manufacturing processes. Asset tracking and monitoring technology is currently adopted by industries for tracking and monitoring asset location and status. Sophisticated monitoring technology can also be categorized under plant asset management systems in which industries leverage such advanced technologies to prevent asset failure and to greatly improve asset performance. This transformational technology is playing a vital role in many key industries or applications such as logistics, warehousing, healthcare, automotive, fleet management, military, and industrial automation. The value and functionality of asset tracking technologies has increased owing to its ability to leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) which is set to disrupt traditional manufacturing technologies. This technology and innovation research service entitled “Future of Asset Tracking in Manufacturing” reviews the recent innovations in asset tracking and evaluates its impact on various industries. Key questions covered in this report: • What is the significance and impact of asset tracking technologies across different industries? • What is the key industry trends propelling adoption? • What are the factors influencing adoption - major drivers and challenges? • What are the key innovations? • Who are key stakeholders driving R&D initiatives? • What are the key partnership activities? • What are the future prospects and growth opportunities? • How can organizations capitalize opportunities?



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