Future of Bionics

Evaluating the Technology’s Role in Driving Strategic Transformation within the Global Bionics Industry
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Published: 26 Apr 2017

This Research Service (RS) offers a strategic perspective on the global emerging industry of bionics technologies. This research service is segmented into three chapters, with the first two focusing on analysis of the top trends from both technology and end-user perspectives. The third chapter brings out the competitive landscape, focusing on strategic scenarios within the industry, reviewing the roles and strategies of both existing and emerging participants in the global market. Key questions answered in this research service: 1. What is the role played by NPD (new product development) and research initiatives in improving the overall adoption of bionic technologies? 2. What are the ongoing shifts in the healthcare needs which are largely driving research and development of bionic prosthetics? 3. What are the potential technology-enabled business models that could be explored by existing competitors, and new players entering into the global industry for the bionic prosthetics? 4. Investments in bionic technologies are expected to increase. What are the strategic priorities of existing and new participants in developing the global market?



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