AI and Big Data Technologies Transforming Financial Services

The Convergence of Big Data and AI Enabling Financial Services Automation
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Published: 28 Sep 2017

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data has emerged to be the most essential technologies to develop fintech applications. The technologies has advanced significantly over the ages to empower applications and machines to learn from its own experiences, unravel hidden patterns in data, generate insights and take automated decisions. Technology evolution in the AI and Big Data spaces is continuously driving the development of innovative applications that are transforming the financial services. This research service focuses innovations powered by AI and Big Data for financial services space. The research service also highlights the key future opportunities of AI. In brief, this research service provides the following: A brief snapshot of fintech Key benefits of AI for financial services Key benefits of AI for financial services Key drivers and challenges Key applications powered by Big Data and AI for financial services Key innovations transforming financial services Application roadmap Future convergence potential Future applications of in financial services



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