IIoT Driving Manufacturing Innovations

Artificial intelligence, cloud manufacturing, internet security, cyber physical systems, smart sensors drive factories of the future
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Published: 22 Sep 2017

With cyber physical system advancements transforming the manufacturing sector, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is set to create a high impact in the near future. Internet of Things (IoT) has garnered increased interest from various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace, utilities, oil and gas, metals and mining, retail, transportation, and agriculture for improving production efficiency and enabling transparency in the supply chain. The whole concept is advancing in terms of functionalities and user-friendly software solutions, enabling multiple applications to serve the rapidly changing demands of end users in multiple industries. The technology and innovation report captures noteworthy technologies that are transforming factories to a smarter environment through the whole platform of connectivity. Examples of such technologies include: smart sensors, wireless sensor network, cognitive computing, Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printing, inspection drones, and cybersecurity. The ability of IIoT to provide real-time data, as well as perform monitoring and tracking functionalities will lead to smart factories of the future that are fully connected, eco-friendly, and drives on improved productivity and efficiency. IIoT establishes a strong connectivity between the operational and digital platforms. Key questions covered in the report. • What is the significance of IIoT? • What are trending technologies related to IoT in a manufacturing set-up? • What are the funding trends and key focus areas? • What are emerging technological innovations and who are the key innovators? • What are the factors driving adoption? • What are the growth opportunities beyond 2020 for IIoT in the manufacturing industry?



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