Innovations Impacting Industrial Sensing

MEMS, LiDAR, CMOS Image Sensors Drive Developments in Industrial Safety
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Published: 29 Sep 2017

Sensor technologies have been extensively used in building smart factories and manufacturing automation processes. Industrial manufacturers are increasingly using electronics systems for improving machine performance, worker safety and comfort. The main role of the sensors in the industrial sector is to inspect and monitor the work-in-progress operations that are interfaced with the manufacturing equipment. Eventually, with the advancements in sensor technologies, novel ways of parameter monitoring will lead to improvement in safety and precision of automation solutions. Sensors in industrial applications measure multiple parameters including light, gas, chemical, pressure, flow, level, vibration and acceleration. By 2020, innovations in smart sensing will find wide scale adoption in industrial sector for tracking machine's process state and support predictive and preventive maintenance measures. Key sensing technologies covered in this technology and innovation report include LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), CMOS image sensors, 3D vision sensors, thermal image sensors, nano gas sensors, MEMS sensors, acoustic sensors, smart sensors and accelerometers. Sensor technology and IIOT concept plays a major role in building smart factories. Other enabling technologies supporting industrial safety include machine-to-machine learning, big data, and predictive analytics. The report assesses impact of key sensor innovations in the industrial sector.



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