Emerging Innovations in Adhesive Technologies

Sustainable, Highly Durable, and Cost-effective Adhesives Expected to Rise in Demand Across Applications
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Published: 28 Sep 2017

In recent years, there has been an increasing use of adhesive technologies in various sectors such as packaging, electronics, automotive, textile, construction and heavy machinery, to gradually replace the use of mechanical or other joining methods. This is mainly due to the advantages of adhesives, such as superior adhesion properties with high strength to weight ratio, design flexibility, damage tolerance and fatigue resistance features over conventional joining methods and became one of the most important chemical products in today’s modern industry. There are numerous adhesives-bonding materials available for component assembling. Selection of the adhesive type and form depends on the nature of substrate, performance requirements of the end use application, and the adhesive application method. These are important as it could greatly affect the quality and cost of the end product. The adhesive development trend has been evolving from price oriented to value-oriented strategies. More research efforts are focusing on the adhesive technology advancements which offer expanded flexibility to support emerging application and the need of customisation while meeting the environmental requirements. The adhesive market is primarily driven by the increasing usage of adhesive in different industries and the raising of emerging economics such as China, India and Brazil. The stringent environmental regulations are seen as the main challenges facing by the adhesive industry. One of the biggest transition currently is the switch from solvent-borne adhesives to waterborne formulations for adhesive products which used in different sectors in emerging countries such as China and other Asian countries. The key research and development (R&D) of adhesive technology will continue to focus on the development of sustainable adhesives to meet the environmental regulation. As the market is shifting towards a high value-added adhesive product which not only helps to stick surface together but able to offer other attributes. This research service (RS) depicts the current and future landscape and trends in adhesives, focused on the following criteria: • Sustainable, comply with stringent regulatory requirement, provide sustainable and safer adhesives that do not affect health to the manufacturer and end-users. • Cost-effective, developing high-efficiency adhesives which can facilitate production capacity and functional adhesives that provides more benefits with fewer raw materials. • Durability, provide superior bonding performance, impact and chemical attack resistance to meet the ever-changing and increasingly demanding requirements of end-users. • High flexibility, where the bonding can adapt to different type of substrate surfaces and easy to apply to provide more advantages than other joining and fastening methods. The study deeply illustrates the following: • Types of adhesives • Key technology and product trends & developments • Industry overview and key stakeholders • Market drivers and challenges that will impact the growth of adhesive technologies • Emerging Innovations and their market impact



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