Technology Roadmapping of Micro-LED Displays

Small Displays Create Growth Opportunities in the Near-Term
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Published: 29 Sep 2017

With rapid proliferation of high power applications and features in smart electronic devices, the battery life of such devices is often very low. Display components of smart devices consume majority of the power, thus manufacturers and developers are under constant pressure to develop a next generation innovative display technology to increase the battery life of smart electronic devices and appliances. Micro-LEDs/ m-LED/ µLED is a high-brightness low power display technology which is proving to become competitive over conventional displays. Advanced sensing and visible light communication (VLC) are key applications enabled by micro-LED technology. With increase in proliferation of micro-LED technology, sectors such consumer electronics, automobile, and life sciences will have high impact. Government support/initiatives and the huge market potential for display applications can drive advancements and adoption of micro-LEDs in the long term. Micro-LED technology has the ability to replace conventional small, medium, and large displays in the longer term. The technology and innovation report discusses key capabilities and applications of micro-LED technology. The applicability of the technology in the short, medium, and long term is analyzed. Some of the key questions addressed in the report are highlighted below. • What is the significance of micro-LED technology? • What are the key applications impacted by the technology? • What are key factors influencing adoption? • Who are the major innovators and innovations? • What is the future prospect of the technology? • How does patent and funding drive technology development? • What sort of strategies would OEMs need to embrace to gain entry and sustain competition?



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