Future Wearables in Healthcare - R&D Portfolio Areas and Technology Roadmapping

Expanding Opportunities for Wearable Devices in Diagnostics
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Published: 29 Sep 2017

Wearable technologies in healthcare are expected to have key growth opportunities in the next few years driven by factors such as the proliferation of wearables for health and wellness and the need for more data about the current and future condition of individuals and patients. This technology and innovation report provides analysis of key technology innovations and identifies key healthcare wearable device developers in diverse areas such as electronic skin, smart gloves, glucose sweat sensors, wearable stethoscopes, asthma monitoring patches, smart bandages electrocardiogram monitoring, smart clothing. The study also assesses key markets, needs, opportunities, and challenges for healthcare wearable devices. This research aims at providing: • A brief snapshot and analysis of R&D opportunities in the domain of healthcare wearables • Key innovations based on the opportunities which drive the development of wearables in healthcare sector • Key Drivers for the adoption of wearables in healthcare • Key Technology Challenges hindering the adoption of wearables in healthcare. • Emerging Market Needs • Technology Roadmap • Strategic insights about market and emerging trends



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