Technologies Enabling Nuclear Medicine Imaging

Redefining the Boundaries of Standard Medical Imaging through Nuclear Medicine
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Published: 23 May 2018

Tech Vision's latest research service from medical imaging technology cluster highlights the innovations and emerging technology trends in the domain of nuclear imaging. Nuclear imaging is evolving as a next frontier in the medical imaging industry. Nuclear imaging gained significant importance in medical industry space by understanding physiology of disease that helps in adressing the disease at early stages with faster and accurate diagnosis. There is an increased adoption of nuclear imaging due to the developments of novel radiopharmaceuticals in new clinical areas like orthopaedicas and neurology when compared to traditionally used clinical areas like oncology and cardiology. However, the nuclear imaging inductry poised to face challenges like decreased federal support, heavy regulatory requirements, inadequate supply of radionuclides for research, etc. This report is key for strategies that can be employed the market participants to addess the industry challenges. The analysis would be key for the new entrants and established market players to create viable and implementable strategies to ensure continued innovations and stay competitive in nuclear imaging industry. This research service sheds light on nuclear imaging technology landcape, key growth opportunities for research and development, associated regulatory and technology challenges and their corresponding recommendations, key company profiling, and intellectual property landscape.



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