Innovations in Computer Vision Applications Powered by AI

Harnessing Emerging Business Opportunities Through Visual Intelligence
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Published: 27 Dec 2017

Computer vision is a rapidly burgeoning field, with the potential to revolutionize various applications such as advanced driver assistance systems, medical imaging, precision agriculture, retail, advertising, media, security and surveillance, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and robotics. This report answers the following questions: • Which are the analytics sub-technologies that are being adopted? • What are the major application areas for these technologies? • What are some industries impacted? • What are some use-cases of successful implementation? • What are some innovative business models being driven by advanced analytics? • What is the patent scenario globally? • What are some game-changing convergence scenarios of advanced analytics with other disruptive technologies? • What are the key findings of the analysis and analyst POV of the future? Some of the computer vision sub-technologies covered are: Image Recognition and analysis Gesture Recognition Facial Recognition Motion Detection and Object Tracking Eye Tracking Emotion Recognition



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