Nanotechnology Innovations Transforming Energy Generation and Storage

An Overview of the Innovations in Nano-materials Helping to Improve the Efficiency of Energy Sources
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Published: 28 Sep 2018

Most of the distributed and renewable energy generation technologies are affected by the type of materials used in manufacturing them. The current technologies have a significant drawbacks and room for improvement specifically in terms of performance parameters like efficiency. Similarly protection of the renewable assets to gain more prolonged operational life time is another important area that can be benefit from the adoption of new materials. Nanomaterials are currently being used by researchers around the world in enhancing the energy sector. For instance nanomaterials based protective glasses and coatings for solar panels are considered to improve the performance of the panels and similarly new materials are also being considered for applications like performance of solar panels. Applications go beyond just generation into energy storage as well. Nanotechnology is considered for developing new electrode materials for batteries and fuel cells. The study focuses on the advantages of adopting nanomaterials in the energy generation and storage sectors, innovations focusing on the use of nanomaterials in energy generation and storage solutions.



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